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November Fishing Report

Posted by Capt. Josh on November 3, 2020 at 1:15 PM

November is here and so is Fall my favorite season. Shallow water grouper bite is very good we are catching a lot of gags in 8-15 feet of water fishing rocks and ledges. Im a live bait guy and live pilchards and pinfish are my go to baits for just about all my fishing trips. Anchor up current of the structure and chum with live bait about a dozen or two and watch the water the fish will tell you how they are acting on that spot. Angry and hungry fish will bust baits on the surface but if the tide is moving to fast they will stay closer to the bottom. Use stout gear for these hard fighting fish and be ready to move when the bite stops. 

Inshore the trout are moving in shallow 1-3 feet range on grass flats and lime rock hard bottoms, use a topwater plug early or on overcast days and subsurface baits around 10am on. I like a soft plastic fluke rigged wirh a 4/0 worm hook colors that work are white, watermelon red and golden bream. Redfish are working there way into the creeks as the month goes on start on the outside and slowy work in the creeks fisihng both sides. 

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October Fishing Report

Posted by Capt. Josh on September 24, 2020 at 5:45 PM

October fishing report I'm doing a little early just because I'm booked out on charters time is very limited for me. So here it goes October is grouper time we target these heavey hitters in shallow waters 7-12 feet and deep water 20-40 feet. The shallow water grouper fishing is what most people do with me just because we can chum them up on the surface with free lining live bait and using plugs ripping across the rocks. The Rapala FMAG 18 plugs are killer for gags in 15 feet and less. Live pilchards and pinfish are my go to live baits rigged on a 6/0 circle hook with a 6 foot 60 pound leader and 50 pound power pro main line is plenty for gags. 

Inshore the redfish are schooled up on the outer points and islands target them on a mid incoming tide and first part of the outgoing tide, live pilchards and pinfish for bait. Snook are mixed in with the reds also. We are seeing speckled trout working there way in from offshore target these guys in 2-6 foot on spotty bottom with a mirr o lure 17mr in 808 color or use a white fluke rigged with a 2/0  circle hook nose hooked works very good as well. 

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It�??s scallop time

Posted by Capt. Josh on July 7, 2020 at 4:50 PM
July is here and that means scallop season. Scallop season is a great way to escape the hectic word we are living in and to be away from Covid-19. Here at Chase N Tails Fishing Charters our boats are bleached after every trip and cleaned during trips with clients. We make sure that our clients bring there own snorkel gear. Scallops are a lot better this year then last year we are catching good numbers of scallops on our trips. They are holding a little deeper right now 6-8 foot range but that�??s usually the case at the first part of the season. We can accommodate up to 4 people on each boats for CDC guidelines. Come out with us and enjoy a day of scalping and relaxation.

Insane April Fishing Action

Posted by Capt. Josh on March 31, 2020 at 4:25 PM

April is a great month for inshore fishing along the Nature Coast of Florida. Big schools of red fish will be roaming the outer islands searching for bait fish to eat, look for hard bottom such as oysters, lime stone and rocks red fish love hard bottom. Live pilchards and pin fish are my go to baits for reds i like to fish the mid incoming tide and first hour or two of the outgoing tide. Snook will be holding in the same areas as red fish and the same baits are the way to go. 

Cobia are all over the shallow flats, look for them in 2-6 feet of water i like to look for the sing ray or big spotted rays for cobia. A 7-6' medium heavy rod with a 4000 size real riged with 20 pound power pro and a 40 pound leader is plenty for a big cobia. Live baits to use are pilchards, pin fish, large shrimp but most of the time i use a 5 inch fluke riged to a 1/4 ounce mission fishin jig head. 

Tarpon are making showing there faces now and we will see the big push of poons in May but now is a good time to keep a eye out for the silver king. Live blue crabs or live pilchards are my go to baits for tarpon. 

out deeper the Mmangrove snapper bite is still great in 30-40 feet along with some hog fish mixed in and a few red grouper, there are plenty of gag grouper to be caught but no harvest till June for these guys. King fish are also holding in the 20-30 foot depths. 

As for the COVID 19 we do a very good deep clean after every charter and through out the day we keep the boat cleaned and anglers spred out. 

March Madness

Posted by Capt. Josh on March 6, 2020 at 11:40 PM

March is a very good moth for both inshore and offshore fishing. I will start inshore, Rredfish are roaming the outer points and islands look for mullet schools as they are a good key that red fish are close by. I like a mid incoming or high outgoing tide for targeting redfish, live pilchards or pinfish are my baits of choice. Snook are working there way out of the winter haunts to the oyster bars and points, look for deeper holes and a good current flow snook love to ambush there pray. Live pilchards free lined will make the snook feed very well. Sea trout are working out to the grass flast and oyster bars, early morning or on cloudy days i like a top water plug to target trout, the rapala skitter walk in white color is my all time favorite.

Offshore the hog fish are chewing great in 25-40 feet of water using a 1 1/2 ounce hogball jig is the way to go, make sure you have the jig all the way on the bottom and let it sit hog fish eat on the bottom. Huge mangrove snappers are in the same area i like to set a chum block or two out along with chunking cut threadfins to raise the sanppers off the bottom to mid depth or even on the surface. Free line a shrimp or cut bait and hold on tight these guys are pushing the 5 pound range. Cobia are showing up on the wrecks and shallow flats with sting rays make sure you have a rod rigged and ready.