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January Fishing Report

Posted by Capt. Josh on January 20, 2019 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Old man winter is here in Florida but the fishing is great. Our fish we target at this time is Speckled sea trout, Red fish, Sheepshead. Sea trout are holding in very shallow water 1-2 feet deep on hard lime stone bottom, fish these guys on a incoming and first part of the outgoing tide. We are doing great with soft plastic zoom baits in white, Arkansas shad, Albino, and watermelon red. Rig these baits weedless with a 4/0-5/0 skip gap worm hook tied with a loop knot for more life like action, cast as far as possible to cover ground and work the bait slow with a soft rod tip twitch the trout are hitting the bait on the fall, size of the trout are ranging from 17-24 inches. 

Redfish are holding around the same areas as the trout and in the back creeks and bays, target them on a incoming tide using live select shrimp tail hooked with a 1/0-2/0 circle hook. A good tip for using shrimp is to pinch off the tail end and tail hook the shrimp you will be able to cast a lot further and sent will be disbursed with the tail being pinched off allowing the reds to smell the shrimp faster. 

Sheepshead are holding on the offshore rock piles target them in 10-20 feet. The way we catch these convict is two different ways, depending on the current flow use a 1/8 to 1/4 ounce gotcha jig head or use a knocker rig with a 1/4-1 ounce egg sinker and a 1odd bait savor hook. I like to pinch the tail off and thread the hook into the center of the shrimp coming out close to the head or legs key is to hide the hook. Sheeps nibble so when you feel weight on the rod tip set the hook. 

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Shallow water grouper

Posted by Capt. Josh on November 26, 2018 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

November and December is shallow water grouper time here in Hernando Beach Florida. During this time of year the water cools down and the gags come in shallow 6-12 feet of water. There are many different ways to target grouper but here are my two favorite ways, free lining live green backs and pin fish is probably the most effective way to get a fast bite. Anchor up wind and current at least 75 feet away form the spot take a few live baits and chum the rock watch the water for boils or pops from grouper them take a 6/0 circle hook and 60-80 pound leader belly hook the bait and cast it short of the rock give it some line and hold on tight. My second favorite way is to cast plugs this works out very well when you want to run and gun to spots making 12 cast and move on. Plugs to use are Rapala FMAG 18’s in many different colors I like fire tiger, orange and gold, mullet and mackerel. Always cast into the current when plug fishing hold the rod tip down to the water and reel in at a fast seed. We are catching our limit of grouper on just about every trip out you can follow me on Facebook at Chase N Tails Fishing Charters for daily post on what’s biting and how we are doing. Please hit the like button and follow us. 

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Fall Fishing Action

Posted by Capt. Josh on October 2, 2018 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hernando Beach Fishing Report


Fall is here and the fish are on a feeding frenzy. As our nights get cooler the water temperature will slowly be dropping making for some of the best fishing we have to offer all year. Inshore the red fish are schooling up a good numbers 10 - 30 fish in a pod. Live green backs or pin fish are the bait of choice. Fish a moving tide for best action. Snook are also chewing good you will find these silver bullets around mangroves and points with a good current flow, live green backs rigged with a 30 pound leader is all you need. Trout are in our shallow waters 2 to 5 feet on grass flats and rock bars, live green backs or mirr o lures 17 mr plugs are great trout baits.


Now for our shallow water grouper action is great we have a bunch of gag grouper inside of 9 miles making for a short boat ride and you are on the fish. Big live pin fish or green backs are my go to baits for grouper. We also use a lot of plugs such as the Rapala FMAG 18 in a few colors, mullet, red head white body, orange, and fire tiger and very good plugs for grouper.


Fall fishing is now don't wait get your fishing date scheduled asap.

Great Fishing Action

Posted by Capt. Josh on August 26, 2018 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Hernando Beach Fishing Report.


Inshore fishing action is great we are catching a lot of red fish and snook right now. Red fish are schooling up along the outer points and islands look for mullet schools the reds are in the mix of them. Red fish are holding in schools of 10 to 20 fish per school and will school up more come September. Fish a moving tide i like the incoming tide and first part of the outgoing tide, live green backs and pin fish are my bait of choice. Snook are holding just about anywhere again fish a moving tide for them as well, live green backs are the way to go for the snook. We are seeing the sea trout making there way back into the shallow flats for there fall/winter home. Live bait or lures are great for trout fishing. Soft plastic little johns rigged on a 1/8 ounce jig head or a soft plastic fluke works great to.


A little farther out in 10 to 12 feet the Spanish mackerel are on the rocks along with grunts, mangrove snappers, flounder, and grouper. Anchor up current form the rocks and set a chum bag out for the macks and mangroves or fish the bottom for grouper and grunts. Big live pin fish or green backs are working good for the grouper and cut squid for the grunts.


Our Fall grouper fishing for Gag grouper will start October 1st to December 31st, this is when we target these hard fighting great eating fish on a daily basis. We do whats called shallow water grouper digging this is done in 6 to 14 feet of water out of Aripkea to Chassahowitzka. This time of year books out very fast for these trips, don't wait to book your charter call us today we have two captains to accommodate your parity.


Tight Lines And Calm Seas

Capt. Josh & Capt. Jonathan


Great Fishing Action

Posted by Capt. Josh on August 8, 2018 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (2)

Hernando Beach Fishing Report


Inshore fishing action is good red fish are working into schools now instead of singles and doubles. We are seeing schools of 12 to 20 reds in a school and should continue to get into larger schools going into September. Incoming tide seems to produce a better bite with the reds, live or fresh cut bait is doing the trick. I like to use live white bait and fresh cut mullet for cut bait. Rig a 25 pound leader and a 2/0 circle hook look for mullet schools along the outside points and mangrove banks for locating red fish. Snook are roaming in the same areas as the red fish use live white bait either free lined or under a cork is the best way. Sea trout are showing there self's more and more each day from the deeper flats 10 to 12 feet to the shallow rocks bars 3 to 5 feet they are working back inshore and come late September in shallow flats will be loaded with trout. Live white bait or use a Mirr O Dine 17MR in the 808 color is producing good catches of trout.


Fall Grouper Season.


Many of my clients love to fish for Fall shallow water grouper this starts in early October the end of December. We target these hard fighting fish in 6 to 12 feet of water using live bait and plugs, if you want to experience some of the best grouper fishing of the year you need to book ASAP I have about a dozen dates left open for each month and they will fill out fast. Dont miss out..