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November Fishing Report

Posted by Capt. Josh on November 3, 2020 at 1:15 PM

November is here and so is Fall my favorite season. Shallow water grouper bite is very good we are catching a lot of gags in 8-15 feet of water fishing rocks and ledges. Im a live bait guy and live pilchards and pinfish are my go to baits for just about all my fishing trips. Anchor up current of the structure and chum with live bait about a dozen or two and watch the water the fish will tell you how they are acting on that spot. Angry and hungry fish will bust baits on the surface but if the tide is moving to fast they will stay closer to the bottom. Use stout gear for these hard fighting fish and be ready to move when the bite stops. 

Inshore the trout are moving in shallow 1-3 feet range on grass flats and lime rock hard bottoms, use a topwater plug early or on overcast days and subsurface baits around 10am on. I like a soft plastic fluke rigged wirh a 4/0 worm hook colors that work are white, watermelon red and golden bream. Redfish are working there way into the creeks as the month goes on start on the outside and slowy work in the creeks fisihng both sides. 

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