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October Fishing Report

Posted by Capt. Josh on September 24, 2020 at 5:45 PM

October fishing report I'm doing a little early just because I'm booked out on charters time is very limited for me. So here it goes October is grouper time we target these heavey hitters in shallow waters 7-12 feet and deep water 20-40 feet. The shallow water grouper fishing is what most people do with me just because we can chum them up on the surface with free lining live bait and using plugs ripping across the rocks. The Rapala FMAG 18 plugs are killer for gags in 15 feet and less. Live pilchards and pinfish are my go to live baits rigged on a 6/0 circle hook with a 6 foot 60 pound leader and 50 pound power pro main line is plenty for gags. 

Inshore the redfish are schooled up on the outer points and islands target them on a mid incoming tide and first part of the outgoing tide, live pilchards and pinfish for bait. Snook are mixed in with the reds also. We are seeing speckled trout working there way in from offshore target these guys in 2-6 foot on spotty bottom with a mirr o lure 17mr in 808 color or use a white fluke rigged with a 2/0  circle hook nose hooked works very good as well. 

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